This project has run from 2020-2022 and is a trilogy of artist book party bags each focused on a different emotion. The first DREAM BABY was an exploration of joy and it’s potential to sustain life in an abusive environment until you are able to get out. It was made at the end of 2020 as part of my Masters at CSM. The second HOPE YOU’RE FEELING BETTER came along in August 2021 and was focused on the sadness that hits once you get out and PTSD begins to flood your nervous system. The final edition TO BE HEARD AND TO BE HELD came out in May 2022 and is centered around how to release repressed anger and what the holding onto it feels like in the body. I didn’t start this project with any kind of aim that it would round off so succintly and feel like it has sat with me alongside my ongoing process of coping with long term trauma and familial change. If you are reading this and thinking but how did it all come together, then honestly it is only beginning to feel like it now <3
PTSD still feels like it could pull me under but hopefully day by day the pain will lessen and i’ll see that these books really were my jaws of life <3

please please please hold on and wait for the sunshine if any of this relates to u bcos ur life will expand and there will be glimmers of fresh air that feel like nothin else :)